Local Link - Visit a Local Home

Would you like to be linked with someone who lives in Dundee all the time? If you apply, they may invite you to their home for a meal, or perhaps take you to see a place of interest, or sometimes meet you in a cafe for a cup of coffee. It's a really good opportunity to learn about local culture. All you have to do is to complete an application form and e-mail it to us.


Different cultures have different expectations about invitations. If you do apply, when the local person sends an invitation to you, in our culture it's really important that you respond to their invitation. In Scottish culture, it isn't rude to say that the time isn't convenient or that you can't manage to go. Nor is it rude to reply to the invitation the first time that you are asked. That is what will be expected.


It's much more polite to reply than to not reply.


To apply to join the scheme, please click this button